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Brown trut and Carpathian lamprey in the Kemence-brook (Borsod county) (photo: László Antal)

Grayling: typical species of the Fekete- and Fehér-Tisza (photo: Zoltán Sallai)

River Ojtoz in the Eastern Carpathians (Romania) and its frequent inhabitant, the Eurasian minnow (photo: Lajos Nagy)

Swamp Nagy-Darvas in the Hortobágy region and its typical species, the crucian carp (photo: Ákos Harka)

Kessler's gudgeon, a typical bottom-dweller in the river Sajó

Stone loach, the most abundant species in the upper stretch of the Cuhai-Bakony-ér creek

The tubenose goby has become common in all stretches of the river Bodrog

The zingel has lately appeared in the middle stretch of the river Zagyva

Carpathian barbel from the Hejő below Miskolc

In the lower stretch of the Hejő also the European mudminnow is frequent

Population of the schraetzer has decreased in the Hernád

The ide is inhabiting both the dark water Bodrog and the "blond" Tisza

Gold-colored black bullhead specimen from the Eger-brook (Heves county)

A beautiful fish species from the Mara river in Transylvania: the vairone

Endemic species of the thermal ponds near Nagyvárad (Oradea, Romania): Scardinius racovitzai

The most frequent fish species in the Berettyó river at Szalárd (Salard, Romania): the Carpathian gudgeon

Ukrainian lamprey from the river Rába (collected at Rábagyarmat)

Valuable fish species of the river Dráva: the Danubian longbarbel gudgeon (collected at Őrtilos)

Frequent species on the stone-dispersions of the river Dráva at Barcs: the bullhead

One of the protected fish species of the river Kapos: the bitterling (collected at Belecska)

The streber is inhabiting the river Ipoly in stretches of intensive current (collected at Balassagyarmat)

Species of decreasing abundance in Lake Balaton: the sichel (collected at Balatonfüred)

The rudd is inhabiting the tangly area of Lake Tisza

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