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Pisces Hungarici XIII.

  Nagy S. A., Nagy J., Somogyi D.:Warming climate: challenges in fishery biology and ichthyology

  Sallai Z.: Results of the fish faunistical survey of the Lake Fertő (Neusiedlersee) in 2017-2018

  Szepesi Zs., Harka Á., Nyeste K.: Data on the growth of the monkey goby’s (Neogobius fluviatilis) fry

  Varga J., Hajdú J., Mozsár A., Lešo P.: Evaluating the fishway of the Hronská Dúbrava small hydroelectric power station for use by fish community

  Juhász L., Juhász P., Sallai Z.: Ichtiological examination on waterbeds in Zemplén Mountains with a special aim of nature conservation

  Telcean I.C., Cupša D.: Captive fishes population from Vida Valley (Upper Cri?ul Negru/Fekete-Körös) upstream the dam lake from Luncasprie (Bihor County, Romania)

  Nyeste K., Héjja M. K., Abonyi T., Simon Sz., Nagy S. A., Antal L.: Fish fauna and fish-based ecological assessment of Nagykunság Main Channel

  Somogyi D., Farkas Gy., Deák S., Nagy S. A., Nyeste K., Antal L.: Condition examination of carp (Cyprinus carpio) and prussian carp (Carassius gibelio) in a thermal water provided standing water environment

  Füstös V., Baranya S., Fleit G., Erős T., Szalóky Z., Tóth B., Józsa J.: Habitat based hydrodynamic investigation of the Upper-Hungarian Danube River

  Vitál Z., Burányi M.: Observation of bigheaded carp (Hypopthalmichthys spp.) migration in the estuary section of Nyugati-övcsatorna (Lake Balaton, Hungary)

  Szepesi Zs., Harka Á., Nyeste K.: The impact of the overgrowth of the monkey goby (Neogobius fluviatilis) on the stock of the carpathian gudgeon (Gobio carpathicus) in the newly colonised section of the Eger stream (Northeast Hungary)

  Udvari Zs., Ugrai Z., Györe K.: Effect of a treated domestic wastewater effluent on the fish community structure in the Ráckeve (Soroksár) Danube Branch

  Activity of the Hungarian Ichthyological Society in 2018

  Guide for authors of the Pisces Hungarici

  Full version of Pisces Hungarici XIII


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