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Pisces Hungarici XIV.

  Takács P., Specziár A., Erős T.: Dr. Bíró Péter (1943-2021)

  Sallai Z., Sallai M.: The fishfauna monitoring in the main and fork arm of River Danube near Szabadság-sziget (2018-2020)

  Sály P., Specziár A., Czeglédi I., Maroda Á., Preiszner B., Szalóky Z., Erős T.: A multimetric fishindex for the ecological assessment of oxbow lakes in Hungary

Electronic supplements: F1, F2

  Sallai Z., Juhász P.: Fish faunistic investigation of the Hungarian water system of the river Túr

  Sallai Z., Ambrus A.: The investigation of European mudminnow (Umbra krameri) populations in the Fertő and Hanság area

  Szepesi Zs., Harka Á., Csipkés R.:: A historical overview of the distribution of the Decapoda species in northern Hungary and their current state

  Sallai Z., Sallai M., Juhász P.: New data to the fish fauna of the River Kraszna

  Harka Á., Papp G.: The first summer growth of the juveniles of some fish species in the Lake Tisza

  Sallai M., Sallai Z.: Investigation of functional efficiency of fish ladders on Rába and Pinka Rivers

  Vitál Z., Megyeri E., Mozsár A., Halasi-Kovács B.: The role of social media in the mapping of the distribution of bigheaded carps in Hungary

  Harka Á., Somogyi D.: According to the current scientific status, only one stickleback species, the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) presents in Hungary

  Activity of the Hungarian Ichthyological Society in 2020

  Guide for authors of the Pisces Hungarici

  Full version of Pisces Hungarici XV


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