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Pisces Hungarici I.

  Á. Harka: Foundation and activity of the Hungarian Ichthyological Society in 2005

  G. Ardelean, S. Wilhelm: he effects of the extraction of non-ferrous metals on the ichthiofauna of the Lapus River bassin

  J. Kosco, P. Balázs: Fishes protected of NATURA 2000 system in Slovakia

  I. Telcean, D. Cupşa, S.D. Covaciu-Marcov, I. Sas: The fishfauna of the Crişul Repede River and its threatening major factors

  K. Keresztessy: Fishfaunistic research in River Rába

  K. Keresztessy, E. Bardócziné Székely: The fish fauna of the four rivulets of Börzsöny and Pilis montains with together Gödöllő hill

  P. Bársony, Cs. Vinginder: The relationship between silver crucian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio Bloch) and fish populations of natural waters

  L. Juhász: A Bódva szakaszjellege a haltársulások összetétele alapján

  Zs. Szepesi, Á. Harka: The action of bed-slope the fish community’s composition of the watercorses on the Zagyva-Tarna watersystem

  P. Takács: Comparative study of wold and lowland situated small watercourses from fishbiological aspect

  I. Szücs, L. Váradi, E. Békefi: Coherence and connection between the good pond culture practice and the enviroment conscious management

  L. Stündl: Complex assessment of inland water fish stocks

  F. Demény: Clay-pit systems fishfaunistic research int he Middle-Tisza

  P. Sály: The system of faunacomponents conception and its application to qualifi the degree of naturalness of fish assemblages

  Á. Harka, P. Sály, L. Antal: Data to the growth of yoy (0+) tenches (Tinca tinca) in Tisza Lake

  S. Wilhelm: The changes of the ichthiofauna of River Berettyó and tributaries

  Á. Harka, Zs. Szepesi: Study of the Hejő Brook watershed fish fauna

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