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Pisces Hungarici II.

  S.A Nagy, L. Stündl: The present and future of the fish fauna in Hungary, possibilities of utilization

  G. Ardelean, Á.S. Wilhelm, S. Wilhelm: Ecological and nature conservational evaluation of the fish fauna of the Ér (Ier) River

  L. Juhász, J. Kosco: The fish fauna of the tributaries of the Bódva River and the natural walues of the fish community

  S. Sipos, B. Miljanović, D. Grujić: The first record of threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L., 1758, fam. Gasterosteidae) in Vojvodina

  I. Telcean, D. Cupşa: The influence of the habitats upon the fishfauna of the lower sector of Crisuri rivers

  K. Györe: The effect of the Mosonmagyaróvár Dam on the distribution patterns of fish communities in the Mosoni Danube

  Á. Harka, Zs. Szepesi, B. Halasi-Kovács: Role of the water quality improvement on the fish fauna in the Hungarian section of Sajó River

  B. Keserü: Civil law and criminal law attitudes of the 1997. XLI. law of fishery and line fishing

  T. Müller, B. Csorbai, B. Urbányi: Artificial propagation and rearing of cruician carp - Carassius carassius (L.) - in the interest of natural stock maintenance

  B. Tóth, A. Sevcsik, T. Erős: Occurence of protected fishes of the Natura 2000 system in the Hungarian section of the Danube

  Z. Ugrai, K. Györe: Survey of fish community in the Ráckevei Danube Branch

  P. Sály, T. Erős, P. Takács, Cs. Bereczki, P. Bíró: Changes of structure of fish assemblages in three northern inflows of Lake Balaton

  Zs. Szepesi, Á. Harka: The characteristics of the fishfauna of the artificial watercourse Cseh-árok stream in the Mátraalja and investigation on the local population of the Alburnoides bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)

  Á. Harka, R. Csipkés: Spawning-season and growth of the chub - Alburnoides bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782) - in the Sajó River

  F. Demény, K. Keresztessy: Fishfaunistic and landscape-farming estimate of the fishing of Anyita-lake in Nagykörű in 2006

  Á. Harka, L. Antal: Change of the spawning season and the size relations of yearling tubenose goby - Proterorhinus marmoratus (Pallas, 1814) - in the Lake Tisza

  S. Sipos, V. Kostov, B. Miljanović: The First Record of Barbatula bureschi Drensky, 1928, (fam. Balitoridae) in Serbia

  Cs. Bereczki, P. Takács: Morphometrical research of the characterspecies of the Bükkalja region's little rivers

  Á. Harka, L. Nagy: Fishes of the Cuhai-Bakony-ér stream

  Appendix: Abstracts of Conference in 2006

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