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Pisces Hungarici IV.

  J. Kosco, L. Pekárik, P. Balázs: In memoriam Juraj Holčík

  S.A. Nagy: Elek Woynarovich 95 years

  T. Gaebele, G. Guti: Habitat use of juvenile fish assemblages in the Danube at Göd

  B. Dombai, P. Sály, B. Tóth, I. Kiss: Substrate-related night-time distribution of gobiid species (Neogobius spp.) in the littoral zone of the River Danube at the section of Göd and Szentendre, Hungary

  K. Keresztessy, B. Keserü: Investigation on the operation of the fish pass at Kenyeri (River Rába, West Hungary)

  B. Keserü: In situ handling of reductiv mud on the Holt-Marcal

  K. Györe, V. Józsa: Monitoring of the fish community of River Tisza in 2009

  B. Halasi-Kovács, L. Antal: Changes in the fish fauna of the Hungarian part of Szamos River after the cyanide pollution of 2000

  J. Kosco, L. Kosuthová, P. Kosuth, L. Pekárik, P. Balázs: Fish fauna of the River Hornád/Hernád in Slovakia

  Zs. Szepesi., Á. Harka: Change in the fish fauna of the Laskó Brook (East Hungary)

  Z. Sallai, Á. Harka, T. Kontos: Change of the fish fauna on the Hungarian stretch of the River Maros

  J. Kosco, L. Pekárik, L. Kosuthová, P. Balázs: Fish Fauna of Slovakia within the Natura 2000 system

  Á. Harka, Zs. Szepesi: How many stickleback species (Gasterosteus sp.) exist in Hungary?

  G. Hegedüs: Fisheries management and regional development in Lake Tisza region

  Activity of the Hungarian Ichthyological Society in 2010 (Ákos Harka)

  Guide for authors of the Pisces Hungarici

  Full version of Pisces Hungarici IV


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