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Pisces Hungarici VI.

  B. Halasi-Kovács, Á. Harka: How many fish species are existing in Hungary? Zoogeographic and taxonomic review and evaluation of the Hungarian fishfauna

  K. Györe, P. Lengyel, Z. Sallai, V. Józsa: Diversity of the fish communities in five Hungarian sections of River Tisza

  Zs. Szepesi, Á. Harka: Effect of flooding on the fish community of a small river (Tarna river, Tisza basin, Hungary)

  K. Keresztessy, K. May, A. Weipert, Cs. Vad, J. Farkas: Long-term fish faunistic research and the population biology of the threatened European mudminnow in two Ramsar wetlands of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve

  Á. Harka, L. Antal, A. Mozsár, K. Nyeste, Zs. Szepesi, P. Sály: Growth of the Amur sleeper (Perccottus glenii) in the Middle Tisza region

  K. Györe, V. Józsa, D. Cupşa, A. Fodor, J. Biró, A. Petrehele, A. Petrus, Zs. Jakabné Sándor: Fish faunal studies in the Körös-Berettyó river system

  L. Juhász: The fish community of an area in South Nyírség: lakes of the arboretum

  Á. Harka, G. Papp, P. Sály: Data to growth of the yoy (0+) perch (Perca fluviatilis) in the Lake Tisza reservoir

  I. Potyó, A. Weipert, G. Guti: Requirements for representative sampling for fluvial fish assemblages - literarure study

  I. C. Telcean, D. Cupşa: Threatened and rare fishes from Upper Tisa valley and its Romanian left shore tributaries (North-Western Romania)

  J. Horváth, L. Pekárik, J. Hajdú, J. Tomeček: Fish diversity of the lowland stretches of Morava and Váh rivers (Danube drainage, Slovakia)

  M. Nowak, W. Popek: Morphological alterations in a small-sized cyprinid fish, Leucaspius delineatus, caused by preservation with different ethanol solutions

   Activity of the Hungarian Ichthyological Society in 2011 (Ákos Harka)

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