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Pisces Hungarici VIII.

  Vida A.: Ottó Herman, founder of scientific ichthyology in Hungary

  Szalóky Z., György Á. I., Weiperth A., Erős T.: Biological surveys of benthic fish habitats in the Joint Danube Survey 3 (JDS 3)

  Guti G., Sallai Z., Harka Á.: Conservation status of the fish species in Hungary and evaluation of the conservation value of fish fauna

  Harka Á., Nyeste K., Nagy L., Erős T.: Jewel cichlids (Hemichromis guttatus Günther, 1862) in thermal water of Lake Hévíz (Western Hungary)

  Józsa V., Boros G., Mozsár A. ,Vitál Z., Györe K.: Studying some reproduction biology parameters of filter-feeding Asian carps (Hypophthalmichthys spp.) in Lake Balaton

  Czeglédi I., Sály P., Takács P., Dolezsai A., Nagy S. A., Erős T.: The role of spatial positioning and habitat structure on the assembly of stream fishes at the mouths of tributaries

  Papp G., Péter G., Halasi-Kovács B.: The attribution of the fish community structure in the different habitat types of the Tisza-lake

  Csipkés R., Szatmári L., Szepesi Zs., Harka Á.: New data to the fish fauna of River Sajó

  Imecs I., Nagy A. A., Demeter L., Ujvári K.-R.: The fish fauna of the Ciuc Depression (Harghita County, Transylvania, Romania)

  Szabó I., Gergely I., Juhász L.: The fish fauna of the lower section of the Romanian river Ier following the 2012–2013 dessication processes

  Nyeste K., Mozsár A., Antal L.: Investigation of growth of the Amur sleeper (Perccottus glenii Dybowski, 1877) in the Rakamaz–Tiszanagyfalui-Nagy-morotva

  Halasi-Kovács B., Papp G., Posta T., Nyeste K.: The ecological state and growth of the roach (Rutilus rutilus), white bream (Blicca bjoerkna) and bream (Abramis brama) populations in the Tisza-lake

  Ambrus A., Sallai Z.: Distribution and conservation of the European mudminnow (Umbra krameri Walbaum, 1792) at the range of the Fertő-Hanság National Park (North-West Hungary)

  Guti G.: Revision of the report about the occurence of Ponticola syrman (Nordmann, 1840) in Hungary

  Harka Á., Halasi-Kovács B.: Is a suitable character the presence or absence of the posterior oculoscapular canal for distinguishing between Knipowitschia caucasica and K. panizzae species (Pisces, Gobiidae)?

  Weiperth A., Csányi B., György Á. I., Szekeres J., Friedrich T., Szalóky Z.: Observation of the non-native sturgeon hybrid (Acipenser naccarii x Acipense baerii) in the Hungarian section of River Danube

  Activity of the Hungarian Ichthyological Society in 2013

  Guide for authors of the Pisces Hungarici

  Full version of Pisces Hungarici VIII


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