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Fish Riddle - The page edited by Krisztián Nyeste

Which species is seen on this picture?

   On this page of our website we propose to test the knowledge of fish species in the form of a riddle. During the year 12 times we will present a picture of a fish autochthonuos in the Caprathian basin the species which should be identified. We ask the participants to send the following data: name, country, city and the name of the species according to Fishbase or Fish Fauna of Hungary book.
   Following every round we will publish the proper answer and the list of participants who solved the riddle. After 12 rounds 5 prize-books will be raffled among participants who sent the greatest number of proper answers.


List of the players who sent 12 proper answers during the year:

Balajti István (Eger)
Báskay Imre (Budapest)
Bors Norbert (Pápa)
Buczkó Máté (Budapest)
Novák András (Göd)
Ördögh Máté (Budapest)
Papp Zsolt (Falkirk)
Rucz Áron (Békéscsaba)
Somoskői Ákos (Recsk)
Szabó Tamás (Esztergom)
Szőke Erazmus (Korneuburg)
Zsigmond Sándor (Kunszentmiklós)

The winners:

Balajti István (Eger)
Báskay Imre (Budapest)
Somoskői Ákos (Recsk)
Szabó Tamás (Esztergom)
Zsigmond Sándor (Kunszentmiklós)
The draw has been conducted by RandomPicker:

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